Traffic Safety

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As part of the TPP Division, the Traffic Safety Section's mission is to work collaboratively with other agencies to improve safety on Arkansas roadways. It is achieved using the Strategic Highway Safety Plan which is a data-driven, comprehensive plan that establishes statewide goals, objectives, and key emphasis areas. It integrates the four “E’s” – engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency services. The mission is accomplished by performing the following:

-   Reviewing motor vehicle crash reports to identify possible safety hazards on the highway system
-   Conducting crash analyses on selected locations either systemically or systematically and submit projects for safety improvements
-   Coding all crash reports in the state for correct road system (i.e. highway), section, and log mile, and forwarding the information to the Arkansas State Police for entry into the state computer system
-   Computing statewide average crash rates by roadway type and crash severity levels
-   Performing roadway safety management processes according to the Highway Safety Manual that includes network screening, diagnosis, selection of countermeasures, economic appraisal, project prioritization, and safety effectiveness evaluation
-   Managing the annual reporting of the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) in conformance to the SHSP and reporting it to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
-   Updating the Department SHSP every 5 years

Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)   Arkansas Crash Data
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    National Fatal Crash Data
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