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Charles Brown
Division Head
Email: Charles.Brown@ardot.gov

Phone: (501) 569-2436
Phone (Help Desk): (501) 569-2396
Fax: (501) 569-2370

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The mission of the Computer Services Division is to provide secure, reliable, cost-effective and customer-oriented information resources and automation support to the entire Department.

Computer Services provides the Department with a secure statewide information processing and communications network, technical support for the Department’s integrated office automation systems, and management of all computer-based data processing information used in support of administrative, engineering, and managerial functions, including:

- automation services on a wide variety of hardware and software platforms (mainframe, client server,
- desktop, laptop, handheld, and phone);
- data management;
- data storage;
- data processing;
- integrated office, engineering, administrative, and accounting systems;
- local area network (LAN) and wide area networking (WAN) systems;
- world wide web access, web hosting, virtual private network, and internet email;
- telecommunications (voice, video, data and fax) services.

The Application Development Section is responsible for administrative, personnel, and financial applications.  This includes all planning, software design, and programming of non-engineering applications for support of the construction and maintenance of roads and structures.  This section supports and maintains both mainframe applications and Intranet web development.

The Data Administration Section is responsible for reviewing, managing and supporting databases on both mainframe and server computers.  The section performs research and development of new software technologies and methodologies that could benefit the Department. The Production Control group in this section schedules, submits and assures the quality of all production jobs and reports, and monitors minor fixed asset inventory. 

The Engineering Section provides computer support for users of engineering applications. This includes the purchase, installation, backup and maintenance of network hardware, laptops, workstations, handheld devices and related software.  This section provides technical support for Transport software, Pontis, Overload/Overweight permitting, GIS applications, weather map, lane closures, job status and other engineering applications.  

The Systems Section maintains and operates the enterprise server (mainframe computer) hardware and software platform in a secure environment.  Each day, users make real-time updates and run online queries using the enterprise server. Other services include providing paper and electronic computer reports, administering computer user logon ids, and protecting Department data using daily backups and security software.  The section also plans, installs and maintains the Department’s fiber optic and copper cable network infrastructure. This provides connectivity for computer networks, teleconferencing, security cameras and future emerging technologies.

The User Support Section supports the personal computer software and hardware for the administrative divisions of the Department. In addition, User Support maintains server and networks resources used throughout the Department's communications networks, and hosts the Department’s email, World Wide Web, security, fax server, phone systems,  wireless and cellular data access.


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