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Notice of Availability of Federal Funding by ARDOT Regarding Federal Fiscal Year 2018 Federal Transit Administration Programs



- Achieve the most cost-effective use of Federal, State and local resources for passenger transportation programs.
- Promote safety, security, and quality in the delivery of public and human service transportation.
- Maximize coordination opportunities at all levels.
- Ensure equity within funding programs.
- Seek new and innovative approaches to meeting needs of the transportation dependent.
- Provide a mechanism for supporting and enhancing the role of public transportation in intermodal modeling.
- Forge partnerships among interest groups.
- Develop new techniques for incorporating the Public Transportation Management System into the planning and management
_ processes.   


The Transit Section is responsible for administering and monitoring federal and state transit programs. Through these programs Transit Section staff provides technical and financial assistance to local agencies and governments involved in special transportation and intercity passenger service.  Transportation, especially in our rural areas, is literally a lifeline to much of our state's population. The Department's goal is to help Arkansans live an independent, quality lifestyle by assisting organizations in providing safe and reliable transportation.

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