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Section 5311 – Rural Area Program

This program provides planning, operating, capital, training, and project administration assistance for public and private nonprofit agencies that provide transportation services to the general public.  There are seven rural public transportation operators and three private intercity transportation operators now receiving funding from this program.  Also, the Public Transportation Programs Section contracts with the Arkansas Transit Association to provide training, technical assistance, and operate the Public Transit Resource Center for rural programs in Arkansas.  FTA requires monitoring and oversight of these projects through monthly performance reports, preventative maintenance reporting, facilities maintenance, and documentation of compliance with Disadvantage Business Enterprise participation, procurement regulations, drug and alcohol testing policies and the National Transit Database reporting.

Type of Assistance: Eligible cost reimbursements for administration, operating and capital.

Eligibility: Available to state agencies, local public bodies, non-profit organizations, Indian Tribes and groups, and private operators of public transportation services under contract to local public bodies.

Amounts Available: Based on federal formula   

Match Requirement: Administration and Capital  - 80% federal, 20% local.  Operating - 50% federal, 50% local

Application Period: Continuous

Contact Information

Danny Chidester
Transportation Specialist
Email: Danny.Chidester@ardot.gov
Phone: (501) 569-2559
Fax: (501) 569-2476

Danny is responsible for the following Section 5311 Rural Public Transit Agencies:

  • • Eureka Springs Transit;
  • • North Arkansas Transportation Service (NATS);
  • • Ozark Regional Transit (ORT);
  • • Southeast Arkansas Transit (SEAT) and
  • • Western Transit System (WTS)


Contact Information

Bill Ryan
Administrative Officer III
Email: Bill.Ryan@ardot.gov
Phone: (501) 569-2472
Fax: (501) 569-2476

Bill is responsible for the following Section 5311 Rural Public Transit Agencies:

  • • Black River Area Development (BRAD) Public Transit
  • • Mid-Delta Transit
  • • South Central Arkansas Transit (SCAT)
  • • North East Arkansas Transit (NEAT)







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