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2016-2020 New STIP Proposed Amendment Public Comment Periods
Amendment   Comment Deadline Status
The purpose of this proposed STIP amendment is to increase the Department’s flexibility in funding projects around the State.  The amendment will remove Federal funding from two projects in the STIP, that will now be paid for with 100% State funds, add four 1999 Interstate Rehabilitation Program projects to the STIP in order to convert previous Advance Construction Federal funding to State funds, modify STIP projects on Highway 10 in Little Rock, and convert Federal funding on several projects to Advance Construction Federal funding.  Project development will not be interrupted on these projects and changes to the scheduled construction dates are not anticipated. Please see attached map. Link 5/8/2018 Closed

This proposed STIP amendment would be removing one project and adding another project to the STIP. The current project that is being removed would build the western portion of the Monticello Bypass. The project being added will build the first two lanes of an ultimate four-lane facility for future Interstate 69 between U.S. Highway 278 at the east end of the Monticello Bypass to U.S. Highway 65 in McGehee.

Link 3/12/18 Closed

Future project to reconstruct Highway 198 from Highway 61 to the east near Osceola. Link 10/16/17 Closed


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